As the saying goes, hind sight is 20/20…unless you do a little research and make educated choices. Ring in the year 2020 knowing you’ll be making the BEST decision to sell your home privately and save THOUSANDS!! Let’s talk vision:
🧠It is Safe and Simple to sell your home privately with Thunder Bay’s #1 voted Real Estate platform iFind Thunder Bay 🧠It has likely taken decades to pay down your mortgage and build your equity, you do not have to accumulate more debt by paying commission, it is not necessary.
🧠Save Your Hard Earned Money, sell privately with IFind Thunder Bay, reach the most people, get the MOST interested parties, access our network AND learn the process! If you’re wealthy and money isn’t an issue, please consider saving on commission and helping a worthy, local charity and make a difference in the lives of many.
We wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and A Prosperous & Healthy New Year! Cheers to moving into the year 2020 with clear sight!

“We’ve been advertising our home using Kijiji and have had very little interest, nosy people, solicitors and a lot of wasted time. Why? In short, you’re not a marketing expert. When you advertise on Kijiji you ONLY target people who search Kijiji for homes which is roughly 10% of people. You are missing a HUGE market! Not very good advertising. There are also Kijiji professionals who prey on private sellers and buyers. Why limit yourself to one online tool few people search which can become a giant nuisance when we have a vast network of serious parties at our disposal? Why have one person interested in your property when you can have hundreds of thousands of people knowing your property is for sale and have multiple offers! Sure we also post on Kijiji to ensure we hit that market but our exposure isn’t limited to Kijiji users alone. If you choose to hire a firm, flat fee or commission based YOU shouldn’t be doing all of the work. We see it all of the time, people listed with companies then advertising *themselves* all over social media and still paying commission costs once their home is sold. We will let you ponder that. When you make a wise choice to sell privately and save your hard earned money make a better choice by hiring IFind Thunder Bay as your marketing platform. Perhaps you’re not in tune with the market. Perhaps what you thought was a good angle in your approach was really a hindrance and your market has passed you by. The first impression of your property needs to be marketed perfectly AND now that it’s out there and it’s been sitting there with little interest, that ship has sailed.
In a nutshell, you can’t rewind and make a good first impression after weeks/months of advertising your home, you need to do it right off the hop! That’s our competitive advantage and our strategy for YOUR success.
Selling privately saves you tens of thousands of dollars HOWEVER, there are still major implications for making errors in your advertisement and that could cost you thousands in legal fees. Marketing, exposure AND professional guidance is what you’ll find in your partnership with IFind Thunder Bay.

♥️Thunder Bay♥️ 💡Did you know about 10% of our advertised homes are bought by realtors and their clients?
📍If a realtor has a client interested, they come forward. Agents actively working for you will search our site daily!
📍They will then ask the seller for a small percentage to sell it to their client. Usually around 1.5%.
✅ IFind Thunder Bay is here working with you everyday to guide you through this process.
❌ No other private sale company is available at anytime and offers this service. You don’t get a voicemail with us. You’re not calling an 800 number.
Choose your #1 voted private sale company, iFind Thunder Bay.

❤Thunder Bay❤Looking To Build Your Dream Home? Searching for the PERFECT building lot but not 100% sure about your financing options? Talk to us! Many lenders finance vacant land fully! Know your options, get connected with financial advisors, shop around! See all of our advertised building lots for sale by owner at the link above.

The Good Ole Days. A phrase that refers to many things but resonates so frequently with big businesses and how they provide customer service and the quality of their product offering. The almighty dollar has driven capitalism and big business for decades. Often lost in that is the human touch, quality for price and the suffering of local businesses. As consumers we have been herded into saving money at the sacrifice of real connection, quality, and consumer satisfaction. We are solicited with phony sales pitches from people we don’t know left, right and centre. While we live in an age of instant gratification and false connection stumbling across something completely authentic is refreshing and is finding its way back into our communities. Local businesses are thriving providing consumers with quality service, product, real human connection and last but not least, ethical business practices. Trust. Approaching our third year of operation we have learned so much in this journey together with our clients who have become friends and the experiences we’ve shared. Our business continues to grow naturally through these networks and referrals. Quality results speak for themselves. Saving money is NOT at the sacrifice of service, lowered expectations or the inability to contact us easily and at anytime. We care, we listen, we make it happen. And while our competition continues call our clients the same day their properties have been advertised, not one client has accepted their offer, in fact most clients have opted out of having their own contact information publicly advertised in order to avoid the solicitation and focus on getting their property sold through our networks. As a matter of principle, we have never taken a strategy of aggressively trying to take our direct competitors business and are proud that, like the good ole days, we are here to deliver our promise to those who CHOOSE IFind Thunder Bay. We are completely different than any private sale company, anywhere. Our exposure and unique advertising sells homes. Our commitment to guidance through the for sale by owner process is exactly what deliver. Seven days a week.
🎶🎙Sunday, Monday, Happy Days,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days,
Thursday, Friday, Happy Days,
Saturday, what a day,
Rockin all week with you! 

Question: Would you ever give away a large percentage of the growth in your mutual fund that perhaps took you decades to build? Let us answer that for you; No. Your equity may have taken you decades to build, don’t give it away. Sell privately and protect yourself and your assets. Save your hard earned money. You’re in control! You have the power to negotiate and choose how to sell your home! When you choose IFind Thunder Bay as your platform we will market your home better than the rest and draw the most exposure, guaranteed with no commission! We guide you every step of the way, we are with you side by side. If after several viewings you are in a position with no appealing offers there are many conclusions to draw: Are you comfortable to wait for the right buyer? Are you motivated to sell and ready to reconsider your asking price which would still save you tens of thousands of dollars? Did you follow up with the viewings that went well?
It’s no secret that the primary reason any homeowner chooses to sell privately is to save on the huge commission costs associated with choosing an agent, it’s 100% unnecessary! We live in a time where investors have vast information at their fingertips, use it. IFind Thunder Bay guides you through the process of selling privately safely and securely with the best exposure! When we advertise your property EVERY person searching the market knows your property is for sale. You are in charge of your pricing, and strategy with potential buyers. We aren’t Realtors. We do not tell you to drop your price so that your house sells right away as we do not make commission. One of our recent homes that sold for sale by owner was told by an agent to list for $40,000 less than what she wanted. She chose to list privately with IFind, and successfully sold for the price she wanted! She waited for the right buyer and in the end not only did she get the price she wanted, she didn’t pay any additional commissions. Reach out today if you’re ready to talk about selling privately and looking for advice around the process. We give you the exposure you need to market your property and help you keep your hard earned money in your own pocket.

See what I did there 😉 For me, everything has a soundtrack because life is better with music! How cool is it that our little old town is just bursting at the seems with artistic talent?

RIGHT NOW in Thunder Bay you can find a flurry of new things happening. A zone for innovation and creativity and It. Is. AWESOME. For the last decade, the culinary and art scenes have taken off providing a great reason for T-bayers to stay put and plant their roots, or come back to their home town after leaving for bigger and better. This growth took time to flourish from the days of depressed, laid-off millwrights and a town hellbent on stopping yet another proposal of waterfront development from happening. Today, it’s happening. We’re going places and our community is benefiting on so many levels namely real estate. Prices jumped and continued to hold their value making Thunder Bay one of the top 5 cities to buy real estate in Canada last year! With sustainable values comes growing equity and THAT my friends, is the kicker….

Enter the modern real estate investor, you. A mind set of independence and control of your assets. Gone are they days of paying unnecessary commission costs. RIGHT NOW thousands of you have homes you have worked your lifetime to truly own by paying down or paying off your mortgage, and you’ve got an incredible asset on your hands. When you’re planning to utilize that asset to transition into your next chapter, you have the power and ability to maximize your investment and keep YOUR total equity you’ve worked decades to build. Choose to keep your hard earned money, protect yourself and your assets, choose IFind Thunder Bay and let us guide you through the process of selling privately with the best exposure to gain the most interest! Unlike other private sale companies, your not alone with us. We work with a large network of professionals ready to help! We are locally owned and operated.
Take that equity into your future and if you’re so inclined, grab some local delights and take in the what’s happening right here, right now.


Welcome to our first blog post! We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves and talk about what we do and how we came to be. We are a husband and wife team and together we bring to the table a hands-on background in buying, selling, building and renovating real estate. We have over 20 years business experience in small business, HR management, customer service management, sales coaching, finance including lending & investing, business marketing and a strong work ethic!
Born and raised in Thunder Bay, we have three amazing children under six and are dedicated to our fantastic city and investing in our children’s futures here!
Our strategy is personal, just like the good old days! We answer the phone! We call you back! We meet with you in person, and you’ll NEVER have to press a button for more options! We are always available for guidance, we meet face-to-face with each client and take the time to get to know you. When you choose IFind Thunder Bay, you’re choosing a total experience built on a personalized level.

Our advertisements are carefully crafted from each unique homeowner’s perspective. A home is more than its bricks and mortar, it is a life that was built within its walls and the value of that can not be fully described with only a stat sheet and photographs. We put our hearts into our work and provide our clients with quality that produces results! We are the fastest growing resource in privately sold homes! Our growing exposure is second to none and our commitment to saving you money is the baseline of what we do.

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