We Find What You Are Looking For

Want to sell your home privately with NO Commission costs? No need to test the market! We are advertising for a roster of buyers. This is some of what we are looking for. 

  1. Core Floor in the Mariday Park area or near by. 
  2. Building lot. Looking for Hilldale Rd or Hazelwood. Open to anything close by. 
  3. Westfort, prefers btwn James St and Neebing Ave. 3 beds, 1.5-2 baths, parking, rec room. 
  4. Open to all areas, home with basement suite, 3 bedrooms on main floor, up to $300k
  5. Nor’Wester School zone, Closer to the school, Prefers Mountain Rd, Riverdale, 15th Side Rd or side streets off of these. Minimum 0.5 acres, 3 beds, 2 baths, 1100-1700 sq feet, garage or potential to build, updates (newer roof etc..) Purchase between Feb and April with Quick possession. $340k-$390k, might go higher for right home.
  6. FOUND: River Terrace newer home, 3 beds main floor, ensuite in master, basement can be unfinished. Under $500k.
  7. Kakabeka, Slate Valley, Rosslyn, acreage, 3 or more beds, minimum 2 baths, updates, garage or potential to build. $350k, higher if perfect
  8. Camp or empty lot to build, lakefront, good swimming, within 1 hour from the city. Camp up to $190k and ok with renovations or adding addition. Camp lot up to $60k.
  9. 1 FOUND:Almost anything Parkdale!!! Up to $450k, 2 of them.
  10. Prefers unorganized township, up to 25 mins from city, interested in smaller home, 2 beds, 1 bath, bonus if 2 baths or room to build, around 1 acre, garage or room to build, wood stove or potential for one, around $200K. Spring or earlier closing date.
  11. FOUND: South side home up to 250k, 3+1 bed and 2 baths, garage or room to build one. Updated and move in ready.
  12. FOUND: Mariday Park area but also interested in south side. Garage. Up to $250k
  13. FOUND: Parkdale homes. One up to $420k. Modern, 3 beds and 2 baths. Basement can be unfinished with potential for another bed and bath. One up to $450k, modern, no carpets, prefers white kitchen, concrete foundation.
  14. Semi rural north side, may be also interested in the Woodcrest area, updated minimum 3/4 acre if semi rural, 3 beds and 1 bath up, basement can be unfished with potential for another bathroom, up to $450k.
  15. Sherwood Estates, minimum 3 beds main floor, minimum 4 beds total, 1500-200 sq feet, finished basement, garage, less than 15 yrs old. Up to $500k
  16. Parkdale home between 1000-1400 sq feet, minimum 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, ensuite a must. Updated and modern, prefers light color kitchen and attached garage a bonus. Flexible budget
  17. FOUND: Semi-Rural property zoned for St. Pat’s High School, three bedroom, privacy, garage. Budget flexible.
  18. Open to all areas, updated, minimum 2 beds and 2 baths or potential for another bathroom, basement can be unfinished, up to $200k, can go a bit higher if lower level has separate suite.
  19. Semi-Rural property, Southside 5 to 10 minutes from the city but will consider north side. Detached garage and large yard $300k-$500k.
  20. Key feature is garage!! Intercity area where increased traffic would be welcomed. Home would be a rental and large garage used for skilled trades work. Price btwn $150k-$200k, can go higher if multiple units.
  21. Found: Rural home up to $170k and less than 40 minute drive from the city.
  22. Semi rural home, prefers Broadway/Rosslyn area but open to others, in-law suite or potential, 3 bedrooms minimum, 2 baths, large garage or room to build. Updated but ok with minimal work. Minimum 1000 sq feet. Up to $350k
  23. Rural property, max 20 mins out of town, likes Murillo, John Street, 3 beds or more, 2 baths, basement can be unfinished, move in conditions, updates throughout. Up to $350k
  24. Vickers Park area, minimum 1 block away. 3 beds and 2 baths, updated. Up to $350k
  25. Minimum 10 acre building lot in Ware Township. Up to $100k
  26. Port Arthur bungalow up to 1200 sq feet. Garage or room to build. 2 baths or 1.5, 3+1 beds, minimum 3. Updated but ok with minimal renos, windows and roof should be newer, finished basement. Room for 3 vehicles. Up to $250k
  27. FOUND: 4 investment properties in or around the Lakehead University area. Budgets between $200k-$400k.
  28. FOUND: Residential home one block away from Vickers Park. Minimum 3 bedrooms 2 baths, updated. Flexible budget
  29. PA but will consider 20th side rd area with city water. Large (28×32) detached garage on property or room to build. Newer modern home less than 10 years, 3 beds up, minimum 1 down. 3 bathrooms, ensuite. Up to $500k.
  30. Core Floor in Green Acres 
  31. Parkdale, minimum 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, open concept main floor, basement can be unfinished, large kitchen. Up top $550k
  32. Country, South or North side, within 50klms from town, fixer upper ok, minimum 1 acre. Up to $220k
  33. Corefloor or bungalow in FW, prefers Green Acres, 3 beds, 2 baths, fenced yard, garage, move in ready. Up to $300k