Merry Christmas

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🎶This Christmas we’ll give you some smarts,
So on closing day, don’t give it away.
This year, sell privately with no fear,
keep your money for someone special (you) 🎶

Make a resolution for 2019 to spend the last year of this decade by making choices like you’re living with the times. It’s almost 2019! We don’t want to party like it’s 1999, that was 20 years ago when the Nokia phone was first introduced and Google made its debut. Let’s talk smart: the safest transaction when selling YOUR home is between you and your buyer orchestrated by your trusted lawyer. Simple.
You own a large asset, perhaps with significant equity built over several years that you’re planning to sell. Imagine literally giving a giant chunk of that hard earned money to someone else when you ABSOLUTELY do not have to. That’s the biggest thing. You do NOT have to. You can save that money, sell privately with IFind Thunder Bay to reach the most people, get the MOST interested parties and access our network AND learn the process! Oh, don’t forget save TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars. Stay tuned for another amazing success story where a young family
now has an extra $20+K to bring into their next chapter by selling privately!

Merry Christmas and make it a super happy New Year where you ensure your own prosperity. ✌🏻

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