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Voted Thunder Bay’s Favourite Real Estate 2019 & 2020



Sharon Katusa

Would like to thanks Joe at IFind for making the selling of the house so easy. He is always available for any questions you have about private sales. We had many viewings and the right buyer came along…very good experience and would do it the same way again.

Dave Herriot

We would definitely recommend iFind. We sold our house quickly, and we really liked the platform and how easy it was for prospective buyers to connect with us. The fact that you can easily share the links with friends and family makes it such a great way to get exposure, and that’s exactly how we found out about iFind to begin with. Thanks!

Jean Paul Soliven

Thank you Ifind and Joe for helping us in selling our home, especially during this unprecedented time. Selling house is very stressful, but ifind, it was Easy and convenient. Saved a lot of money by not paying commission which alleviate the stress more. Sold the house in a week with multiple offers. Thank you Joe and ifind!! Wish you more success!
From Soliven family

Liisa Simi

We had an extremely positive experience with IFind. Joe was always there for us when we had questions about selling process. We really appreciated his approach-no high pressure tactics-which gave us just the right amount of control when it came to selling our home. With his help we felt confident in our ability to effectively sell and saved a significant amount of cash in the process!

Samantha & Jeff Vance (Tried MLS)

I highly recommend IFIND! We were quickly connected to a buyer for our home and Joe’s dedication and level of service was exceptional

Ozzie Di Stefano and Anne Lorimer

With all the expertise and knowledge Joe has in his arsenal this first time experience of selling our 4-plex privately was easy and surprisingly stress free. We hired Ifind and very shortly after the 4-plex was listed we were inundated with interested purchasers which very quickly went into a multi offer situation. Ultimately we received more than our asking and with both higher than asking sale price and NO REAL… Read More “Ozzie Di Stefano and Anne Lorimer”

Betty McConkey-Kennelly (Hutton Park)

Betty & Allen Kennelly
Thank you ifind thunder bay inc. Our house sold quickly. The photo’s taken were awesome. Received excellent service from Joe at ifind. Would highly recommend ifind to anyone looking to list their house.

Kathy Bird (Hillcrest Condo)

IFind gave me the confidence to sell my Hillcrest condo independently. The pictures and descriptions of my unit were very professional and showed off all the unique qualities of my property. It was also a great bonus to save on commissions in the final sale. Thanks IFind. -Kathy Bird

Kari Wesley

Selling our home with ifind has been an incredible experience. Thank you Joe and Kelly for all of your expertise. The photos and write up of our home truly captured what we loved most about living here. You were accessible to answer all of my questions and really made selling my home an easy process. Plus, having the opportunity to meet the potential new owners of our home allowed us… Read More “Kari Wesley”

Lori Menei & Michael Maletta

If your looking for a great way to sell your home, Ifind is the way to go! From fantastic write ups and advertising to helping you through the selling process, they are wonderful! Thank you again for making this an easy process!

Clara Ivec

I listed my home with I find they were very helpful in connecting me with contractors doing little jobs around the house and preparing me for the sale of my home they connected me with buyers and in a flash I had an offer and my house was sold thank you I find and Joe it was a great experience

Maggie Murphy

Thank you IFIND!! We had such a great experience with them! The amount of money we saved on commission blew us away! They were so great to deal with! Easy to get ahold of and make the selling experience a walk in the park for us. The best part is our house sold in 7 days!!! Even during the Covid pandemic! Thank you we couldn’t have done it without you.… Read More “Maggie Murphy”

Sharon Harwood

Our house in 5 days no commission,Joe was great to work with i had three offers within the first 48 hours . Next time it is IFind for me .

Cynthia Klemens

There is no question. If you are thinking of selling your home, contact Ifind! They’re with you every step of the way, and make it so easy in doing so by answering all of your questions. They are so knowledgeable! We had multiple offers in 3 days with multiple calls for viewings and subsequent offers after we accepted. Advertising is a huge part and they do this so well. Highly… Read More “Cynthia Klemens”

Independant (Gordon Street)

Another independant woman just saved over $20,000 choosing IFind Thunder Bay! A retired Veteran looking to maximize the return from her biggest investment and she did it without paying commission! She chose IFind Thunder Bay. She was guided with the knowledge she needed that even with a realtor involved she paid no commission costs! You can do the same! How you ask? Book us for a consult. Save your hard earned… Read More “Independant (Gordon Street)”

Lori Menei & Michael Maletta

If your looking for a great way to sell your home, Ifind is the way to go! From fantastic write ups and advertising to helping you through the selling process, they are wonderful! Thank you again for making this an easy process!

Carol (427 Norah Street)

We can’t thank you enough for all you did for us in making the selling of our home go smoothly… We have told a number of people about IFind Thunder Bay and we will continue to tell others of your business and it’s great service to both buyers and sellers… Most sincerely, Carol

Carla Chalat

I highly recommend IFIND as your experience will be a very positive, supportive with honest wisdom. Joe will take you step by step introducing you to the options of selling your home privately with best exposure. I found Joe to be very knowledgeable, always available to help you with any questions and I was successful in selling our property because of this unique company. If you want to be successful… Read More “Carla Chalat”

Mary Rose

I also recommend them! He contracted my moms new house then helped her sell her old home last week in a few days very privately! Also got her more than asking price! Dedicated and very nice.

Kathy Byma

We had the opportunity to work with Joe on selling our house with Ifind. He has extensive knowledge with the market and how to showcase your home. We saved almost $30000.00 in commission by using IFIND. Please do not hesitate to use their services. We would recommend them wholeheartedly. Thanks Joe. Mike and Kathy Byma.

Robin Orr

Many thanks to Joe and IFind. We were nervous about selling privately however, Joe was there throughout answering all our questions. So impressed with the service and how easy it was to sell private with iFind. Professional pictures and very detailed description that highlighted all the features of our home. We had so much interest and multiple offers over asking within the first 48 hours – and no commission paid.… Read More “Robin Orr”

Donata Zamojski

Thank so much to Joe and Kelly for helping us sell our home. The pictures and write up were so wonderful it made US want to buy it again🤣. Joe was readily available for any questions we had about the process in this difficult time to navigate. His expertise was invaluable. ( Take his recommended lawyer if you need one!) Thanks again for making what was expected to be a… Read More “Donata Zamojski”

David Law

Joe’s service with ifind is top notch. Very informative.  He will help you in every step of the way. I would not hesitate using ifind again and will recommend him to everyone.

Melissa and Sean Langlois

My husband Sean Langlois and I are beyond happy with the service we received with iFind! When we decided to sell our income property, we needed something quick and easy as our life is busy. By the time the house was advertised socially to us signing for a cash deal was 7 DAYS! It was so quick, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome! Thank you iFind! Definitely… Read More “Melissa and Sean Langlois”

Jocelynn Anne

My husband and I recently had the luxury of selling our own home with Ifind Thunder Bay. The customer service and support we received throughout the whole process was exceptional. We not only saved a large amount of money but sold our house within a week of it being advertised. We are very thankful and would highly recommend their services to future sellers.

Victoria Henderson Bowen

My husband and I would like to thank iFind for all their help with the sale of our property. We were pleased with the professional exposure of our property and the amount of interest it drew from all the advertising done by iFind. Our property sold and we saved thousands of dollars by selling through iFind. We will be using IFind in the near future when we sale our home!… Read More “Victoria Henderson Bowen”

3 Families! $60,000 Saved Commission!

My husband Brent Richards and I would like to personally thank ifind Thunder bay for finding us our dream home and for helping us sell our home within five days. With no Commission fees. Excellent customer service! We were blown away by the exposure our home got and immediate interest. Ifind gave us an in home consulation teaching us how to sell privately. We did not know how easy it… Read More “3 Families! $60,000 Saved Commission!”

Lee Savage

Awesome personable experience! If your thinking of selling, I highly recommend ifind! You will not be disappointed!!!! Thank you ifind!

Alana Baron

Our house would not have sold so quickly if it wasn’t for ifind. We also had multiple offers! It was very easy to work with ifind Thunder Bay. I definitely recommend them!

Diane Bergeron

Thank you ifind Thunder Bay for your supreme service. I sold in 1 week. Your professionalism is outstanding. The pictures showcased my home amazingly. The write up was an attention grabber. The fact that I didn’t have to do that step was a weight off my shoulders! Thank you Joe for always being there. I will always recommend ifind!!!

Shelley Robinson (Tried Other Selling Routes)

Thank you IFIND! We sold our house in 2 days! Picture’s and advertising were very professional and we saved ourselves alot of money. We recommend IFIND to everyone!

Candielya Jackson

We just sold our home with the support of IFIND. We contemplated hiring a realtor vs selling privately with IFIND as many homes in our neighbourhood are listed with agents and some still have not sold. We are so grateful to have decided to go with IFIND! Joe and Kelly are an incredible team and we are so grateful for all their expertise. If feels so wonderful to gain the… Read More “Candielya Jackson”


I got referred to ifind tbay from a co-worker whom was helped by them not long ago. I did the realtor thing a few years ago but heard how much I can save by selling home myself. We saved 14 thousand dollars with ifinds help. They did a mock viewing with us which taught us how easy it is to show our own home. After all, no one knows our… Read More “Anonymous”

Susan Komar-Lundberg

Sold in 24 hours! I would like to thank Joe from IFind for working quickly to advertise my home for sale. It was a short but good experience selling my own home. Selling your own home makes sense as who knows your home better than yourself.  What is even better is saving thousands of dollars in commissions that stay in your own pocket. It isn’t that hard just a little… Read More “Susan Komar-Lundberg”

Glenis Allison

Thank you so very much Joe! I am delighted to have sold my house so quickly. Your photos and ifind was a fantastic alternative to traditional real estate!!

Debbie and Robert Burry (Tried MLS)

Thank you Ifind Thunder Bay for all the support, follow up and for making this such a wonderful experience. You have made it possible to follow thru with our dreams for the next stage of life. Would tell everyone to deal with your company. The experience was 10 stars for us!

Elsie & Nancy

❤Meet a couple of our recent clients❤ Elsie & Nancy. 2 Retired Nurses with each over 50 years of service! In this stage of their lives, every penny of their hard earned, retirement savings is so valuable and especially now in such an uncertain time. We truly love what we do which is why our client testimonials mean everything to us! “Thank you iFind Thunder Bay for all of your… Read More “Elsie & Nancy”

Kathy Mckee

Thanks IFind for the fantastic exposure! A very happy family moved in today. That makes 2 happy families. Joe your energy is endless and your availability remarkable. We appreciate your professionalism and perseverance to get our house sold. We especially appreciated your connections to professions to guide us through the selling process. When our buyers couldnt meet with their lawyer in a timely manner, we confidently referred them to ifind… Read More “Kathy Mckee”

Chris McLean (No Success On MLS)

Coppin Road Sold! Thank you iFind for your help. Three months listed with a realtor and no interest. One day on iFind and we had six viewings set up. One week on iFind and we had a conditional offer! We saved over $20K in realtor fees, which allowed us more bargaining power. Also, showing the house ourselves was no problem, as it allowed us to really sell people on what… Read More “Chris McLean (No Success On MLS)”

Heather Murray (Tried Other Routes)

My husband and I would like to thank IFind Thunder Bay for the great service and support in helping us sell our family home and property. After trying another private selling company with no results and poor follow-up for nearly a year, we contacted IFind and the results were amazing. Joe came to our home took some great pictures and fully explained the ins and outs of selling privately. After… Read More “Heather Murray (Tried Other Routes)”

Clarence and Shelley Kresak

Thank you bunches ifind thunder bay! We chose the best person, Joe and ifind after seeing how fast homes were selling through him. Joe was so professional and precise when taking pictures that we were very impressed! Our open house had over 50 people pass our door and 2 firm offers shortly after! Joe knows his stuff and his connections are invaluable! We saved tons of commission by NOT using… Read More “Clarence and Shelley Kresak”

Mary Takacs

Thank you ifind! They were supportive, encouraging and very knowledgeable! Definitely recommending ifind to other people interested in buying/selling their homes!

Cathleen Larsen

We chose iFind to advertise our home when we decided to sell our home in River Terrace. Joe was enthusiastic, professional and always followed up with any questions we had. Our house sold FAST and by choosing iFind we were able to keep 100% of our equity!
Thank you for everything Joe and Kelly and congratulations on winning Thunder Bay’s best real estate!

Brad Ivany

Great service to get excellent exposure. House sold in 3 days, over asking price. This service worked.

Bette Allen

SOLD!! As anyone who has sold their family home knows, it can be a very emotional time. So very thankful I choose iFind. Not only did I save $$$, but was treated with respect and understanding. Thank you again Joe and Kelly for always being there during this process. Wishing you continued success. Highly recommend iFind!?

Michele Presenger

Definitely recommend IFind for the selling of your home. The customer service received from the beginning to the sale of your house is exceptional. They list your home online quickly, advertising to a large audience. IFind provides an amazing write up along with beautiful photos of your home. Just after 2 weeks of listing we had OFFERS on Cougar Crescent! It is now SOLD! What more could you ask! If… Read More “Michele Presenger”

Marilyn Lauretta Smyth Bellin

What a great experience. Painless and rewarding. Joe guided us through the private sale process and was very helpful. We met a lot of great people who loved our place. We got over asking price on the second day! Saved a lot too. Highly recommended.

Heli Mehta

Thank you to Joe and iFind for all their support in selling our house. Joe was always accessible and very resourceful. He even recommended a lawyer to us who was amazing. We would highly recommend them.

18 Months With 2 Realtors, Sold In 19 Hours With iFind!

We listed with IFIND and it was the best decision we ever made. We had more calls in one day than we could have imagined with how far their advertising reached. Who knew it was possible to sell a home so quick- 19 hours for us. Ifind proves to target the right market for your property so you save your valuable time and money. Thank you Ifind…. you definitely work… Read More “18 Months With 2 Realtors, Sold In 19 Hours With iFind!”

Cynthia Dupuis-Hays

My wife Cynthia and I would like to thank the team at iFind Thunder Bay for their commitment and dedication they showed us when we listed our home for sale with them. We were extremely happy with their professionalism and responsiveness to our needs as they guided us through the sale process from beginning to end. We were able to set our own price and started receiving responses to our… Read More “Cynthia Dupuis-Hays”

Carly Hubbard

We bought our new house through iFind last summer. We were extremely impressed by how hard iFind worked to advertise the house we purchased, and decided to ask for help with the sale of our home. We are so glad we did. Joe was wonderful to work with. He helped us to see the value of our home, and we felt confident that despite listing at a difficult time of… Read More “Carly Hubbard”

Lori Goch (No Success On MLS)

Thank you Ifind for helping us sell our home.. most people think it’s hard to sell their own home but it’s easier then you think. We saved $25,000 on commission costs using Ifind.. thanks for your help Joe!! Will recommend you to family and friends…

Maegan Ayotte

Thanks to Ifind we just experienced an excellent and quick sale of our house. Joe was extremely helpful with any questions we had and was always available. Definitely a great way to sell privately, we learned a lot and we are definitely happy we saved so much in the end. Thanks Ifind!

Debbie Ranta

Just sold my home of 40 yrs. Joe was very professional and always available when questions popped up about private route. I found Ifind the best route for me.

Carla Jean

Deciding to use iFind to sell our home was a great decision! We are so happy with how fast they were to get our house up online and advertise our home beautifully. They made it quick and painless and we sold our house very quickly! They ALWAYS responded promptly to our questions in regards to the private sale process. We found our new home through iFind as well, and couldn’t be… Read More “Carla Jean”

Donna Siciliano

Thank you iFind Thunder Bay! I have sold my home in just 2 days without paying commission! I would recommend this service to anyone selling their home.

Teresa Bailey

Highly recommend going this route…we work hard for our money and every penny counts this is a wonderful company

Coral Szyszka

I’d like to thank IFind for their guidance and support during the recent private sale of my home. They found me an out of town buyer! I’ve listed houses before on different private sale sites and did not receive this type of service. From list to close, it was approximately 6 weeks. Thanks for everything, IFind!!

Wendy Train

Thanks ifind for getting our house out on the market fast. Had a speedy sale and am pleased with the service we were given.

Maria Pepe Burla

We sold our house through ifind and saved $12,000 commission fees. That’s a lot of money!!! We would like to thank Joe for the great photos, and awsome write up for the advertisement. We had an accepted offer after the first weekend of open houses! We definately recommend ifind and would use this company again.

Debbie Reynolds

I was stressed out about selling my house but iFind walked me thru everything so that nothing was a surprise. It made the experience so much easier. Saved $thousands in commissions, would recommend iFind to anyone looking to sell. Thanks Joe.

Debbie and Robert Burry (No Success On MLS)

Tried a Realtor with no success. Thank you Ifind Thunder Bay for all the support, follow up and for making this such a wonderful experience. You have made it possible to follow thru with our dreams for the next stage of life. Would tell everyone to deal with your company. The experience was 10 stars for us!

Jesse Turpin

Jesse & Vanessa. We are so happy we chose to list our home with iFind and save commission in the process! We had an **incredible** amount of people interested in viewing our home and we really feel like the exposure iFind offers can’t be beat, even in comparison to Thunder Bay’s top realtors. Joe’s support through the process was tremendous, helping us along every step of the way. Thanks from… Read More “Jesse Turpin”

Bryan Linklater

I can’t express how satisfied I was to advertise the sale of my home with ifind Thunder Bay. Right from the beginning The ifind team were professional and responded quickly to all questions and request. I started receiving responses to my listing within an hour after it was posted and the follow up communication from the I find team was outstanding. I was able to set my own price and… Read More “Bryan Linklater”

Melissa Prontz

Choosing Ifind wasn’t the easiest decision for me as I have some really great friends in Real Estate and I value their work as well aa selling myself I thought would be tough. IFind made this process extremely easy and were there to answer any questions about selling privately and provide support. Financially, it just makes sense. Saving thousands of dollars selling privately allowed me to have more flexibility in… Read More “Melissa Prontz”

Janice Dickerson

We were very pleased to sell our home on our own with support from IFind. Joe is very responsive and has a great deal of knowledge that helped us through the process. I believe that he is on the cusp of a major change in real estate and expect IFind will continue to grow and attract many more clients.

Ruth Skillen

iFind was the right choice for me! Combining an old school work ethic with new age technology iFind gave my home the exposure it needed to sell quickly! iFind provided guidance, support, and the connections necessary to get the job done. iFind demonstrates commitment to the hard working tradespeople and labourers of Thunder Bay by suggesting workers with the expertise that will help you tie up any unfinished projects. iFind… Read More “Ruth Skillen”

Subhash And Sushma Mahajan

We had opportunity to sell house with ifind Thunder Bay. We sold our house very fast and saved thousands of dollars. Thanks joe


A part of our divorce settlement was to sell our home.  We chose iFind Thunder Bay to market our home discreetly as we did not want to go through crowds of people coming to see it. They went above and beyond.  Our family has been through a lot and he made it a little easier.  Pleasant to talk with and a pleasure to work with.  We had three couples interested… Read More “Anonymous”

Scotia Rae

My family and I would like to thank ifind Thunder Bay for working so hard to find the PERFECT family for our house! ifind Thunder Bay connected people to us; as we do not have social media this would otherwise have been very challenging. I was talking to a lot of friends about options for advertising the sale of our home and one friend told me they heard about ifind.… Read More “Scotia Rae”

Lorraine Chainey

We sold our house in 4 days with Ifind. Thank you Joe for the best customer service in town. You were a pleasure to deal with and your dedication and hard work were greatly appreciated. Your enthusiasm is priceless!

Tens Of Thousands Saved!

Save your hard earned pension! Yet another retired couple saved tens of thousands of dollars selling privately with IFind Thunder Bay. The amount they saved is more than one year’s income for the average pensioner! With years of knowledge behind them they knew the only smart choice would be selling privately to save commission costs and boost their retirement nest egg. This wonderful couple will be moving to beautiful Collingwood to… Read More “Tens Of Thousands Saved!”

Joanne Niemi

Awesome way to sell your home. I had numerous showings within hours of it being posted on ifind. Multiple offers by the 3rd day and commission saved was the icing on the cake. Thank you ifind Thunder Bay. Highly recommend if you are looking to sell or buy

Annette Pasciullo

I highly recommend ifind! You get amazing personal and genuine service. You will never be left on your own wondering how to sell your home I would not hesitate to contact ifind for any of the services they offer!

Nancy Knight

I just sold my house via IFind and cannot speak highly enough of Joe’s support through the private selling process. The photos and ad were excellent, my home sold in a week and a half and I was very pleased with both this and the selling price. I would highly recommend IFind for anyone selling their home and willing to take part in that process – their service was top… Read More “Nancy Knight”

Save Your Hard Earned Pension

**Pensioners** Save Your Hard Earned Pension! This independant woman just saved tens of thousands of dollars choosing your locally owned and operated private sale company iFind Thunder Bay! A pensioner for 13 years! The equity of her biggest asset is now in her own pocket instead of someone elses. She knew the only way to do this would be selling private without paying unnecessary commission costs. We make the whole… Read More “Save Your Hard Earned Pension”

Jake Schelling

Thank you so much to Joe & Kelly for all our help. This was a significantly better experience than using a realtor. I seriously couldn’t have done it without them. They recommended the best lawyer that ensured everything is going through without a problem. 10/10 will use iFind again.

IFind Family

Our journey has taken us through many real estate transactions long before starting this business. This one however is the most significant. This was our first family home and it’s worth is much more than dollars and cents. A decade of building our family, businesses and relationships have happened here under this roof. Selling this home is bittersweet and we couldn’t be prouder to have done this on our own, being… Read More “IFind Family”

Steve Elder

We recently sold our house through ifind and had a great experience. Joe was a great help throughout the process and had an amazing eye for photos and an excellent advertisement. We had offers within days of listing our house. Thanks again for your services, I would recommend you to friends and family in a heartbeat.

Joyce Hupe

Closing day is today December 17! Thank you so much IFind for helping me sell my home privately and commission free. Your advertising was second to none with great exposure. You were always available for guidance. Merry Christmas and all the best for another successful year in 2020

Adriana Iachetta Grondin

Thank you IFIND! We could not be more pleased with your service. We are still in shock at how quickly our house sold (listed and closed within 6 weeks). Joe was professional, timely and extremely reliable throughout the whole process. We appreciate the quick responses and feedback to all of our questions and will definitely be using you for future listings. We can’t thank you enough and highly recommend IFIND… Read More “Adriana Iachetta Grondin”

Emily Goretzki

I’m so thankful that Ifind made this experience fast, and effortless. It’s been a great experience. Especially during these times that we’re in. I was nervous and anxious about what would happen. I’m happy to say that with guidance we made it. Saving that money with no commission, to be able to put towards our future house is heart warming. I’ll forever recommend listing with Ifind.

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