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Sky Rockets in Flight! Real Estate Delight!

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See what I did there 😉 For me, everything has a soundtrack because life is better with music! How cool is it that our little old town is just bursting at the seems with artistic talent?

RIGHT NOW in Thunder Bay you can find a flurry of new things happening. A zone for innovation and creativity and It. Is. AWESOME. For the last decade, the culinary and art scenes have taken off providing a great reason for T-bayers to stay put and plant their roots, or come back to their home town after leaving for bigger and better. This growth took time to flourish from the days of depressed, laid-off millwrights and a town hellbent on stopping yet another proposal of waterfront development from happening. Today, it’s happening. We’re going places and our community is benefiting on so many levels namely real estate. Prices jumped and continued to hold their value making Thunder Bay one of the top 5 cities to buy real estate in Canada last year! With sustainable values comes growing equity and THAT my friends, is the kicker…

Enter the modern real estate investor, you. A mind set of independence and control of your assets. Gone are they days of paying unnecessary commission costs. RIGHT NOW thousands of you have homes you have worked your lifetime to truly own by paying down or paying off your mortgage, and you’ve got an incredible asset on your hands. When you’re planning to utilize that asset to transition into your next chapter, you have the power and ability to maximize your investment and keep YOUR total equity you’ve worked decades to build. Choose to keep your hard earned money, protect yourself and your assets, choose IFind Thunder Bay and let us guide you through the process of selling privately with the best exposure to gain the most interest! Unlike other private sale companies, your not alone with us. We work with a large network of professionals ready to help! We are locally owned and operated.

Take that equity into your future and if you’re so inclined, grab some local delights and take in the what’s happening right here, right now.

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