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Annastascia Neron

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I attempted to sell my house last year through a realtor and had no luck. I felt like my realtor walked in and had nothing nice to say about my home and was just hyper focused on the busy street it was on. After a few weeks on the market I made the decision to take it off the market. I decided to try again this year with iFind and the house sold within days for well over what the realtor had claimed my house was worth not even 1 year ago. I had the opportunity to share my experiences in the home with potential buyers so everyone could make an informed decision without having to go through a middle man. Buying a house is the most significant purchase someone will likely make in their lives so I loved having the opportunity to showcase my home and bring a more personal connection into the sale that you definitely lose with a realtor. It was so easy, convenient and the lawyer was able to guide me through the legal side of the sale so I was able to feel confident that everything was done right. I was offered an incredible amount of support throughout the entire process which I really appreciated. Joe goes above and beyond for everyone and you really feel that in every interaction. My entire experience was nothing but positive and even better all of the earnings from my investment came straight back to me, saving me thousands of dollars in commission!

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