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IFind Family

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Our journey has taken us through many real estate transactions long before starting this business. This one however is the most significant. This was our first family home and it’s worth is much more than dollars and cents. A decade of building our family, businesses and relationships have happened here under this roof. Selling this home is bittersweet and we couldn’t be prouder to have done this on our own, being able to start our next chapter with our ENTIRE equity we’ve worked so hard for. With the many endeavours we expect to encounter in the years to come, such as retirement planning and tuition costs we will be benefiting from the freedom of selling privately and saving over $20,000 of our hard earned money. How long does it take you to bank $20,000? A lot longer than it takes someone else to earn in a single transaction! Let that be you, it’s your money! Merry Christmas from our family to yours. May peace, health and great decisions fill your new year.

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