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Scotia Rae

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My family and I would like to thank ifind Thunder Bay for working so hard to find the PERFECT family for our house! ifind Thunder Bay connected people to us; as we do not have social media this would otherwise have been very challenging. I was talking to a lot of friends about options for advertising the sale of our home and one friend told me they heard about ifind. Neither of us knew anything about what they did, so I called… We were so impressed by the work they did to garner incredible interest that facilitated the quick sale of our home (within 2 weeks!) and they were in constant communication with us. What a TERRIFIC form of advertising for private sales! ? ifind Thunder Bay is a very relevant link in the chain of events that is making this happen for us, including the people who bought our place!! They are another conduit to the public as an option for selling your house or connecting people with services when you don’t have social media or when you don’t know who to call. We were able to save a substantial amount of money in fees/costs that we are now able to put towards our beautiful new home! Thank you for this life-changing moment!

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