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The Good Ole Days

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The Good Ole Days. A phrase that refers to many things but resonates so frequently with big businesses and how they provide customer service and the quality of their product offering. The almighty dollar has driven capitalism and big business for decades. Often lost in that is the human touch, quality for price and the suffering of local businesses. As consumers we have been herded into saving money at the sacrifice of real connection, quality, and consumer satisfaction. We are solicited with phony sales pitches from people we don’t know left, right and centre. While we live in an age of instant gratification and false connection stumbling across something completely authentic is refreshing and is finding its way back into our communities. Local businesses are thriving providing consumers with quality service, product, real human connection and last but not least, ethical business practices. Trust. Approaching our third year of operation we have learned so much in this journey together with our clients who have become friends and the experiences we’ve shared. Our business continues to grow naturally through these networks and referrals. Quality results speak for themselves. Saving money is NOT at the sacrifice of service, lowered expectations or the inability to contact us easily and at anytime. We care, we listen, we make it happen. And while our competition continues call our clients the same day their properties have been advertised, not one client has accepted their offer, in fact most clients have opted out of having their own contact information publicly advertised in order to avoid the solicitation and focus on getting their property sold through our networks. As a matter of principle, we have never taken a strategy of aggressively trying to take our direct competitors business and are proud that, like the good ole days, we are here to deliver our promise to those who CHOOSE IFind Thunder Bay. We are completely different than any private sale company, anywhere. Our exposure and unique advertising sells homes. Our commitment to guidance through the for sale by owner process is exactly what deliver. Seven days a week.

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