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To Kijiji or not to Kijiji?

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You Don’t Get A Second Chance At A First Impression. “We’ve been advertising our home using Kijiji and have had nosy people, Realtors (wanting a commission) and solicitors contacting us. Why?

In short, you’re not a marketing expert. When you advertise on Kijiji you ONLY target people who search Kijiji for homes which is roughly 10% of people. You are missing a HUGE market! There are Kijiji professionals who prey on private sellers and buyers. Most private sale homes on kijiji are sold through realtors which means there IS commission paid. Doesn’t happen with us. Why limit yourself to one online tool few people search which can become a GIANT nuisance when we have a vast network of serious parties at our disposal? Why have one person interested in your property when you can have hundreds of thousands of people knowing your property is for sale and have multiple offers and pay NO COMMISSION! If you choose to hire a firm, flat fee or commission based YOU shouldn’t be doing all of the work. We see it all of the time, people listed with companies then advertising *themselves* and still paying commission costs once their home is sold. We will let you ponder that. When you make the wise choice to sell privately and save your hard earned money make a better choice by hiring IFind Thunder Bay as your marketing platform. Perhaps you’re not in tune with the market. Perhaps what you thought was a good angle in your approach was really a hindrance and your market has passed you by. The first impression of your property needs to be marketed perfectly AND now that it’s out there and it’s been sitting there with little interest, that ship has sailed.

In a nutshell, you can’t rewind and make a good first impression after weeks/months of advertising your home, you need to do it right off the hop! That’s our competitive advantage and our strategy for YOUR success.

Selling privately saves you tens of thousands of dollars HOWEVER, there are still major implications for making errors in your advertisement and that could cost you thousands in legal fees. Do it right the FIRST time. Marketing, exposure AND professional guidance is what you’ll find in your partnership with IFind Thunder Bay.

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