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We’re Blog Postin’ it Now!

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Welcome to our first blog post! We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves and talk about what we do and how we came to be. We are a husband and wife team and together we bring to the table a hands-on background in buying, selling, building and renovating real estate. We have over 20 years business experience in small business, HR management, customer service management, sales coaching, finance including lending & investing, business marketing and a strong work ethic!
Born and raised in Thunder Bay, we have three amazing children under six and are dedicated to our fantastic city and investing in our children’s futures here!

Our strategy is personal, just like the good old days! We answer the phone! We call you back! We meet with you in person, and you’ll NEVER have to press a button for more options! We are always available for guidance, we meet face-to-face with each client and take the time to get to know you. When you choose IFind Thunder Bay, you’re choosing a total experience built on a personalized level.

Our advertisements are carefully crafted from each unique homeowner’s perspective. A home is more than its bricks and mortar, it is a life that was built within its walls and the value of that can not be fully described with only a stat sheet and photographs. We put our hearts into our work and provide our clients with quality that produces results! We are the fastest growing resource in privately sold homes! Our growing exposure is second to none and our commitment to saving you money is the baseline of what we do.

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