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What’s Your Price?

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Question: Would you ever give away a large percentage of the growth in your mutual fund that perhaps took you decades to build? Let us answer that for you; No. Your equity may have taken you decades to build, don’t give it away. Sell privately and protect yourself and your assets. Save your hard earned money. You’re in control! You have the power to negotiate and choose how to sell your home! When you choose IFind Thunder Bay as your platform we will market your home better than the rest and draw the most exposure, guaranteed with no commission! We guide you every step of the way, we are with you side by side. If after several viewings you are in a position with no appealing offers there are many conclusions to draw: Are you comfortable to wait for the right buyer? Are you motivated to sell and ready to reconsider your asking price which would still save you tens of thousands of dollars? Did you follow up with the viewings that went well?
It’s no secret that the primary reason any homeowner chooses to sell privately is to save on the huge commission costs associated with choosing an agent, it’s 100% unnecessary! We live in a time where investors have vast information at their fingertips, use it. IFind Thunder Bay guides you through the process of selling privately safely and securely with the best exposure! When we advertise your property EVERY person searching the market knows your property is for sale. You are in charge of your pricing, and strategy with potential buyers. We aren’t Realtors. We do not tell you to drop your price so that your house sells right away as we do not make commission. One of our recent homes that sold for sale by owner was told by an agent to list for $40,000 less than what she wanted. She chose to list privately with IFind, and successfully sold for the price she wanted! She waited for the right buyer and in the end not only did she get the price she wanted, she didn’t pay any additional commissions. Reach out today if you’re ready to talk about selling privately and looking for advice around the process. We give you the exposure you need to market your property and help you keep your hard earned money in your own pocket.

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